Elect Jennifer Innis, Regional Coucillor Wards 3 & 4, Caledon, Ontario

Jennifer is a fifth generation Caledon resident.
Her family settled in the hamlet of Mono Road
in 1899 and has been farming more than 150
acres since then. By watching her grandfather,
Jennifer learned at a young age that community
service was a strong family tradition.


Jennifer attended Caledon East Public School,
Caledon Central and Mayfield Secondary School
before attending the University of Guelph where
she earned a Degree in Political Science. Her
education helped to refine her problem solving
and deductive skills and rekindled the desire to
work and contribute to her community.


With a large and supportive family who remain
deeply involved in the Caledon community,
Jennifer’s interest in public service was inevitable.
She quickly learned that local government has the most direct impact on the lives of the residents
in the community she cares most about. Jennifer was awarded a Premier’s Internship position at Queen’s Park, where her work ethic and commitment garnered her summer student positions in
various Ministers’ Offices. Upon graduation she worked for a Member of Provincial Parliament and
the Premier’s Office. For the last ten years, Jennifer has been the Executive Assistant to Mayor
Marolyn Morrison at the Town of Caledon.


Jennifer proudly serves as a volunteer on the Caledon East Public School Parent Council. She leads
an active lifestyle enjoying Caledon’s many trails, parks and natural heritage. Jennifer practices yoga daily and holds a first-degree black belt in Martial Arts. Jennifer and her husband, James Pallister, are raising their two young daughters in the Village of Caledon East.


Managing Growth


How we manage growth will be this Council's legacy. We must make sure that what we do over
the next four years puts the policies, plans and processes in place to ensure this growth does not negatively impact the quality of life in Caledon. The challenge will be to manage growth properly
in order to preserve the character of our Town and its villages and hamlets.


Liveable Neighbourhoods


We must work towards liveable neighbourhoods by adopting a live, work, and play approach and
by responsible, affordable community development.


Creating a Prosperous Future


We must create a prosperous future by ensuring that the policies and processes that will attract business to Caledon where they will want to stay and grow.


Keeping Taxes in Line


We must work towards keeping taxes in line by trying to limit tax increases to the rate of inflation
or less. A review of the Town’s ‘core services’ will ensure the delivery of those services are
effective and efficient.


Nourishing Caledon’s Agricultural Heritage


We must support Caledon’s Agricultural community by promoting meaningful changes to policies and programs at Town Hall and the Province.


Customer Service


As your Regional representative, I will be available to respond to your inquires and work with staff
at the Town and the Region to find workable solutions. Communication is key to keeping residents informed and engaged in matters directly impacting them. Through regular contact via email and
social media, the residents of Wards 3 and 4 will be kept informed about their community.

"As your Regional
 representative, I will be
 available to respond to
 your inquires and work
 with staff at the Town
 and the Region to find
 workable solutions."



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